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We Got you!


KFB Design Studio focuses on Interior Design from Residential Homes to Commercial Spaces, Retail Stores and Staging. 


In between all of that good stuff, we also like to get our hands dirty and dip our toes in all things creative! You can find us on 20ft scaffolding painting a mural wall, or doing show windows for those who need a little merchandising assistance.

Whatever you may need help with, we surely can assist with! And if we can't, we can make sure we guide you to the best hands for the job. Let's get started!


Take your project from concept to completion. From newly-built homes to small or large property renovations, single room to multiple room redecorating and design, we've got you covered! This process begins with an in-depth at-home consultation to establish your needs and wants for the space as well as budget & project parameters


Whether a restaurant, bar, lounge or club, office space, store front or retail space, KFB Design Studio can help you design the perfect solution, allowing your business to put their best foot forward. Impeccable design can be used to fully utilize the space, making the environment a comfortable, relaxing place for customers and consumers. 


Kitchen and bathroom design is a service offered by KFB Design Studio and can be as small as updating hardware and tiles, to as large as custom layouts and cabinetry. 


Renderings are rough concepts of the space in a three dimensional view. They include chosen furnishings, lighting, colours ect, and are a great way to view the space before investing in all the furnishings. Renderings can also be for decorative use and can vary in size. 


Space planning consists of an in-home consultation to either work with existing pieces and reposition for better flow, or to recreate the space entirely with new furnishings and fixtures making sure clearances are met. 


KFB Design Studio also sources products that fit into a new or existing spaces ensuring that all furniture works in unity and meet the clients standards. 


Home staging is a service used to help the sale or the rental of a property. Staging is implemented to increase the perception of how the client will view the space and what potential the space has once decor has been implemented. 

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