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it's me!

Ocean born, island baby in love with all things creative! 

I owe my creativity to my family. Between us we are such diverse artists, musicians, writers, carpenters and overall we are a family full of creators!

My love for beautiful places, spaces and things is forever growing as I try to pick out the small beauties in every day life. 

Life is beautiful! And there's room for creativeness every where. So, let's create!

A little bit more..

Continuing to pursue my love for all things creative, I have stepped back into the world of working for myself.

I love creating spaces for people from all walks of life that they absolutely adore.

A jack-of-all trades, I use my experience in several design fields to influence my projects which range from residential design and all things creative in between! I try to draw inspiration for my work from not only our laid back island life and the joy it brings, but around the world.

Educated at George Brown College and Sheridan College in Canada, I first studied Make-Up Artistry before pursuing my true passion of Interior Design. Returning home to Barbados, I developed businesses in both disciplines as well as joined the renowned GSA team in 2018!

I like to approach my projects with creativity and enthusiasm, and I enjoy meshing the old with the new to create spaces clients love. 

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